Terms and Conditions

Service Agreement

General Information:

EmployAbility Service is a DEASP funded employment service.  Our job is to help you find work and support you in the workplace. 
A Job Coach will work with you through the process of Supported Employment.  They will support, assist and guide you during your time on our programme.
EmployAbility Service is a maximum 18 months DEASP service with the aim of you working independently in the workplace with natural supports in place.

We request that the participant shall:

Make every effort to share information with your job coach on issues which may be relevant to your employment prospects.  Give the Job Coach any certificates, references and contact details needed. Be aware of the need to meet requirements such as time keeping, personal hygiene and open communications with your Job Coach.


All meetings with the Job Coach will be arranged beforehand.  You may contact the Job Coach/office by phone should you need to ask a question or arrange a meeting or to reschedule. 
The relationship between the participant and Job Coach is based on mutual respect.


The service if fully confidential.  However, if the safety of an individual is at risk, EmployAbility Service reserves the right to contact relevant services or individuals.


The outcomes are more successful if the job seeker participates in the job seeking process.  
You should let your Job Coach know if you are unable to attend an interview or appointment.

In Employment:

When starting employment, you will receive a Contract of Employment.  It is necessary for you to fully understand and sign the contract.  Your job coach can provide assistance with this. 
The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection must be contacted by you if you gain employment.