Referral Process
How to avail of our service:
  • Contact your local INTREO office
  • Ask for an appointment to meet with a Case Officer
  • At meeting with Case Officer – request a referral for supported employment with EmployAbility Northwest

Your referral form will be sent to our Service Co-Ordinator. You will be contacted via letter to confirm your referral has been received and you will be placed on a waiting list. Job Seekers do not need to be in receipt of a social welfare payment to avail of our service. Support is available for a duration of up to 18 months.

Expectations of Job Seeker Support to include:
  • Initial Contact
    • Identify Needs Assessment
    • Vocational Profiling
  • Career Advice including
    • Professional guidance in career planning
    • Identification of skills
    • Job Search support and advice
  • Employment support including
    • Identifying Job Vacancies
    • Support with Job Application Process
    • Matching Skills with Employers Need
    • Sourcing Employers
    • Assistance with Integrating into the
    • Workplace
  • Follow-up support including
    • The Job Seeker will be provided with support to help them maintain their employment
  • Information including
    • Advice on employment benefits and entitlements
Expectations of Job Coach*:
  • Job Seekers must be motivated to work at least 8 hours a week
  • Job Seekers must engage with their assigned Job Coach
  • Job Seekers must take an active part of the process along with their Job Coach

*Job Coach is a person who provides specialist employment support to assist the Job Seeker to find and maintain competitive paid employment whilst also providing support to the employer